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We partner with ESCOs to enhance their capabilities in services, solutions and customer relations.

Capital Electric Group uses state-of-the-art energy and lighting audit software to ensure your sales team gets the vital data to successfully complete energy conservation projects. CEG shows commitment to our partners and their customers by offering a diversity of support on services from audits through installations. Once you create solutions, we provide a firm quote for installation and significantly lower client’s operational expenses. Capital Electric Group takes a great deal of pride in the experience we provide our partners and their customers!


Project Management

We have over 70 years of electrical and project management experience. We have Project Management Professionals (PMP) on staff and the ability to manage National Account turnkey projects for ESCOs.  Our experience includes the successful installation of 3 projects at Distribution Centers running concurrently for a National Retailer during peak season.

Surveys and Audits

We specialize in Investment-grade audits that establish a baseline of energy consumption and allow us to create the most energy-efficient design based on specific needs. Our experience consists of supporting ESCO projects by planning and performing audits Internationally.  We have multiple team members with LC Certification to support these audits that are strategically located across the country. We can use a variety of software programs from Eco Insight to Retro lux and more!!

In addition to audits we can also perform photometric layouts or gather the necessary information for ESCOs for their in-house design.


Lighting Installations

Capital Electric Group specializes in turnkey lighting retrofits that fully support you from site auditing, planning and design, to installation and rebates.

Smart Metering

At CEG, we have master electricians who have experience supporting Smart Metering Projects. We stand as your go-to installer to create smarter infrastructure using smart metering technologies. 


CEG has experience installing a variety of other ECMs such as:
Motors and Drives
HVAC Retro-Commissioning
Refrigeration Measures
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